On our way back from Milan to the Netherlands we drove through Switzerland. I always love making some stops on the way back home and did some research for a good lunch stop. We decided to stop in Locarno and Ascona in Switzerland. These are pretty small towns, so perfect for an afternoon of wandering around, and are both located on Lago Maggiore.

Flower season was still going on in September in Ascona 🙂
Palmtrees and colorful houses in Ascona, what else would you want?

Locarno and Ascona are two of the most tropical towns in Switzerland and it can get really hot during summer. If you go outside of the summer season you will be able to see snow on the mountains in the background, while sitting underneath a palm tree, a super special combination that really took me by surprise. I loved our quick stop in these towns, parking was easy and not too expensive (€ 2 per hour). I expected Switzerland to be really expensive, but I found the prices pretty comparable to the Netherlands and gasoline was quite cheap. Another added bonus of visiting Switzerland is that is was quiet, I loved the calmness of the lake and that it was not overly touristy. I guess this is the upside when people think a country is really expensive; it doesn’t get super touristy.

Twirling next to Lago Maggiore
Having lunch on this quiet bench

We were on route to Lindau in Germany and passed beautiful mountain ways with amazing views and even waterfalls. I wish I could have stopped along the way to take pictures of my surroundings. The combination of visiting Lago Maggiore and the breathtaking views on our route made me want to go back to Switzerland real soon and explore more of this beautiful country.

Twirling in Locarno!

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