We spent a very hot day exploring the sights in Colombo and were ready for some relaxation. One of the most relaxing spots in Colombo is Mount Lavinia. We took the tuktuk here and loved spending the afternoon in one of the beach bars: Sugar beach (formerly known as La Voile Blanche). Once you get to Mount Lavinia you will be dropped off at the backside of the beach. This means you have to pass two train tracks to get to the restaurants and beach, this is a bit dangerous, but for us it added to the excitement of our afternoon. After having lunch at the beach bars, we watched the sun go down on the beach. The locals were playing all sorts of games at the beach and were very welcoming.

It is a short ride from the city center with the tuktuk
This was the sight of trains passing by..

I personally would not recommend staying in Colombo for too long. It is an okay city with some cool sights, but it’s not a capital city that I love. However if you are staying in Colombo, heading up Mount Lavinia is a must!

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