One amazing thing about living in the Netherlands is that it is really easy to visit the tulip fields in Lisse. Lisse is the town where the Keukenhof is located; the Keukenhof is botanical garden which mainly focuses on landscaping with tulips. In 2019 I visited the tulip fields of Lisse for the first time as I was super curious for the multi-colored fields. I cannot believe I hadn’t done this before and it is my must do recommendation for the upcoming holidays as it can also easily be enjoyed during COVID. In this blogpost I combined information and pictures of my several visits to this beautiful region.

The flower season of the tulips is usually from half April until the beginning of May. In 2021 we still had snow in April, so the tulips bloom later than usual. I would recommend visiting the tulip fields at the end of April, so you are sure they are in bloom and not being harvested yet. You can also check the Instagram account “Visit Bollenstreek” to check whether the fields are in bloom yet. This website also provides updates about the timing of the blooms. In Lisse you will also find fields of hyacints and daffodils, which also offer a spectacular sight!

The hyacinths have amazing colors too!

We cycled for a day in the area of Lisse to spot as many tulip fields as possible. There are several locations where you can rent a bike. I have checked and my recommendations are also opened during COVID, just make sure you have a reservation. You can rent a bike at Van Dam, next to the Keukenhof. They do run out of bikes sometimes when the Keukenhof gets crowded. I made a reservation for a bike at hotel “De Nachtegaal”, which was fine. To add in an extra fun factor, I rented a tandem bike. When the tulip season is approaching the townships near the flower fields will indicate some bicycle routes online of different distances. We decided to do a route of about 25 KMs with which you would also cycle in the dunes and near the beach.

I absolutely loved our day cycling in the tulip fields! Some farmers do allow you access to the tulip fields, while others fence off your entry. It depends on the flower farm that you visit whether you are allowed to take pictures in the fields. When you enter the fields, make sure you don’t step on the flowers.

Lisse is about a fifty minute drive or train ride south-west of Amsterdam. It is also closely located to Leiden, which is a good alternative for visiting Amsterdam, as it also has beautiful guildhall-houses and picturesque canals, but then without the tourist-bombs of Amsterdam.

Leiden is full of old Dutch windmills

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