The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed sights in the world and this blog provides a guide with the best locations to photograph it from! Over the years I have visited these spots many times and in this blogpost you will find a combination of summer and winter pictures. Visiting these photo spots during sunrise is an absolute must, you only need to share your view with a few other people and if you are lucky the colors are spectacular. If you pin these locations on google maps, you can easily walk from one spot to the next, which will take about two hours including photo stops. I already put the spots in a logical order for you 🙂

Avenue de Camoens

It is sensible to start your Eiffel Tower walk at Avenue de Camoens or at Trocadero, as this will save you from climbing lots of stairs. Avenue de Camoens is located in a residential area of Paris, which gives you the opportunity to frame the Eiffel Tower with quintessential Paris buildings. In winter we arrived at around 9AM and witnessed a pastel colored sunrise, which made this spot even more romantic. My summer pic is from July 2020 and was taken in the middle of the day. It wasn’t too crowded back then (COVID), but I heared it gets more busy during the day now travel has resumed.


Trocadero is a lookout platform with stairs, which gives you unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower. Trocadero is not always fully accessible as some of the square can be fenced off, but luckily you can still visit the famous stairs to Trocadero from which you have amazing views. This is a great photo spot, but honestly it was really scary. It felt very uncomfortable climbing on the railing in a skirt, the railing was really slippery and on the other side you could fall down over 10 meters. I have seen pictures of people dancing and twirling on this railing, but I would not advise doing that unless you have a job in Cirque de Soleil.

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The park next to Trocadero is a great spot as well, again we were just in time for the sunrise, which was such a treat!


The bridge -bir-Hakkeim is another iconic photo location in Paris. From this bridge you get great views of the Eiffel Tower, but the bridge itself is a photo spot as well. Make sure to cross the bridge to get to the next photo spot.

Le Castel Cafe

From Pont-bir-Hakkeim you can walk to Champs de Mars via Le Castel Cafe. I love how the red canopy provides a frame for the Eiffel Tower. When we visited this spot is was blocked by a truck, so we had to get really creative, but usually this should be a good spot.

Eiffel Tower park/Champs de Mars

This park is quite large, so it is pretty easy to take good pictures without too many people in it, but also a good space to find an empty bench to take a rest.

You can see that it wasn’t too crowded in the Eiffel Tower park

Rue de l’Université

The next stop is Rue de l’Université. From this spot you have another view of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by quintessential Paris buildings and cobblestones. This is quite a famous Instagram spot, but with a bit of patience you could take pictures without other people in it. In general I found the people in this spot very polite and giving each other space to take a picture. I have to admit that even though I loved the views from this spot, it is difficult to take a good picture without a wide angle lens.


From Rue de l’Université we walked to the Seine. We took some pictures from the river banks, which were also very quiet. If we would have visited during lunch time I would have loved to bring a picknick basket!

Le Recrutement Cafe

If you fancy a longer walk and love to visit another typical Parisian neighborhood, walking on to Le Recrutement Cafe is a good idea. Unfortunately I brought my wide angle lens, which wasn’t great for this location, I would recommend bringing a 24 mm lens instead to capture the Eiffel tower best.

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