APRIL 2022

After a long period of construction, the Depot Boijmans van Beuningen opened to the general public in the autumn of 2021. Just before another lockdown. When the restrictions lifted again in February 2022 the depot was on the top of my list of things to visit, so I quickly bought tickets. The bowl shape of the building mirrors the surroundings of the Museumpark and the high rise buildings of Rotterdam, giving the Depot the wow-factor, like international monuments such as The Bean in Chicago. The interior of the building is just as spectacular, so I highly recommend bringing a visit to Depot Boijmans van Beuningen!

What is Depot Boijmans van Beuningen?

Boijmans van Beuningen is one of the most famous museums of the Netherlands, and Depot is the place where the artworks that are not currently on display are stored. Some artworks are on display in Depot, but don’t expect to see as many artworks as in a museum. Depot is more about the process behind a museum, for example conservation is also done in this building.

Practical information

You can buy your tickets online via de website. Depot works with time slots for entrance, which is not super strictly adhered. Tickets cost € 20, which I found very steep, but worth it for the extraordinary architecture. You will find the restaurant on the top floor, I found the lunch that we had very tasty and of good value. The roof top terrace offers spectacular views of Rotterdam, I hope you will be able to have lunch on the terrace when the weather gets warmer.

View of the rooftop terrace

Is Depot kid friendly?

I found Depot to be surprisingly kid friendly, Hugo loved taking all the elevators, climbing the stairs and you can find some kids corners as well. Another great feature was the mirroring exterior, Hugo loved waving at himself! I personally find that kids and art mix very well, as the kids have so many colorful objects to study. The only thing that I found was less kid friendly, was the restaurant, as I couldn’t find a high chair for kids, but restaurants had just reopened when we visited, so this might have been solved. Entry to Depot is free for children until 18 years old.

Pictures say more than words

In the case of Depot pictures can give a much better impression than words, so I hope you enjoy some of my pictures!

Other things to do in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a great city to visit, with many cultural highlights. Depot is located in the Museumpark, which features many great museums. Of course you will find the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in the Museumpark, but that one will be closed for several years due to renovations. I personally love the Kunsthal, which you can also find here. The museumpark is located closely to the city center of Rotterdam, if you walk through the Witte de Withstraat you will be in the heart of Rotterdam. We brought a quick visit to the Markthal and the Cube houses, but other great options are walking over the Erasmus bridge to Kop van Zuid or having a riverside lunch at one of Rotterdam’s trendy restaurants.

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