As you probably know by now, the Provence is my happy place. My ideal situation would be to visit this region each year and luckily we were able to visit it in 2020 despite of COVID. This blogpost is a small recap of my favorite spots in the Provence, as discovered over the course of years.

Lavender fields

The absolute highlight of the Provence if you visit in the right season (half June – end of July). I wrote a blogpost about our experience in Sault and Valensole, two places that are famous for the lavender fields. In July you get the added bonus of sunflower fields in the eastern region of the Provence!


Gordes is my favorite little town in the Provence. I love the cobblestone streets that are lined with oleander trees, but the number one reason to go is the amazing viewpoint just outside of town. You can find it as “Gordes viewpoint” on google maps. Gordes also has a good amount of restaurants with tasty food. We had an Italian lunch at Bastide de Pierre and had the most divine pizzas!


Roussillon is one of the most colorful towns of the Provence, as the buildings are decorated with ochre from the nearby ochre quarries. It is quaintly situated on a hill, so you can slowly make your way to the top to get amazing views from the surrounding area. We loved walking the “Sentier des Ocres” in which you can do a walk of 45 minutes through the ochre quarries, refer to pictures below.


This little town is famous for a super blue spring. We didn’t love visiting the spring, as we were watching blue water with 100 people together and we were just staring at the spring 😉 However the spring creates a little river, which follows a rocky path in which Hielke loved to take a swim! The town itself has a very charming center, with old trees overlaying the main square.


Moustiers-Saint-Marie is a super small, touristy town super close to the Gorges du Verdon. The main activity in Moustiers is visiting the Notre-Dame de Beauvoir, which is located on top of a hill, between the rocks. If you want to visit this church, make sure to wear sturdy shoes, because it is quite a climb and super slippery. We loved wandering through the streets of Moustiers, which are filled with ceramic shops and enjoying the views of the surrounding rocks.


If you are craving some art, Aix-en-Provence is the place to be. Aix-en-Provence is the perfect hub as it is located super centrally in the Provence and has a lovely old town with many atmospheric bistro restaurants. Aix-en-Provence is one of the cultural capitals of France and boasts an impressive range of museums. My favorite museum was the Victor Vasarely museum, but next time I definitely want to visit the former atelier of Cezanne.

Gorges du Verdon

One of the natural wonders of the Provence: the Gorges du Verdon, also known as the European Grand Canyon. You can explore the Gorges with a pedalo or rowing boat to admire the crystal clear water. We were visiting during a gorgeous day and loved hanging on the neighboring Lac de Sainte Croix in the full sunshine!


I knew Avignon was famous for its medieval bridge and because the pope used to live here. Little did I know that the town is super charming, with cute alleyways and lavender shops everywhere. Make sure you buy tickets for the Pont d’Avignon and spend your afternoon enjoying the views of Avignon-town and the palace.

Abbeye de Senanque

This is the spot you know from the famous pictures of an abbey located in the lavender fields. The abbey is still in use and you can check the website if you want to plan a visit. However if you mainly come for the lavender fields, you can visit without an appointment or tour and just enjoy the view.

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