I am always on the lookout for special museums. During my trip to Lille I researched activities to do in the proximity of Lille and discovered the art museum La Piscine in Roubaix (North of France). This is an art museum surrounding an art deco pool. We were lucky to visit on the first Sunday of the month, when the entrance to the permanent collection is free.  It is also free on Friday evening, otherwise you pay an entrance fee of € 9. The downside to visiting when its free is of course that it is really busy. I really wanted a photo with the swimming pool, so we made sure to be there right at the museum opening time and we ran to the pool straight away. Luckily the permanent collection is also really cool, so you don’t have to visit just for the art deco pool. Check out my pictures of La Piscine below.

My sister waiting for the museum to open
The amazing art deco pool & statues that we came for!
You can see everybody creeping in behind me
Of course there also were dessing rooms 😉

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