When I am planning a roadtrip I always love to create interesting combinations of locations to visit. Burg Eltz had been on my list of castles I’d like to visit for a while and when I planned my trip to the Alsace I knew a combination with Burg Eltz was a good possibility. Burg Eltz is located in Wierschem, which is close to the Mosel and was a perfect pit stop on the way back from the Alsace to the Netherlands. The castle was located in beautiful nature, with lots of camping sites nearby, so if you like an active holiday this is a good location as well. Koblenz is the nearest big city to Burg Eltz and Cochem is a typical, touristy city in this area.

Stunning view of Burg Eltz from up above during our walk to the castle

We drove to the parking of Burg Eltz, where you can park your car for € 2 a day. From the parking lot it is a short walk to the castle (about 10-15 minutes), but you can take the shuttle bus as well for € 2 a person. The walk to the castle wasn’t too strenuous, but the road is pretty steep so you’d better not wear high heels. We did the hike down to the castle and I would definitely recommend doing that as the views of the castle from the road are truly breathtaking! I think the castle is the most gorgeous when enjoyed from a small distance, so you can really see the castle shining in the middle of the forest! This gives you plenty of photo opportunities as well!

You can enter the courtyards of the castle for free, visiting the Treasury room and a guided tour which takes you into the castle itself costs € 10. You are not allowed to take pictures in the castle. For more information click here.

Burg Eltz also hosts two simple restaurants. One being more of a cafeteria, while the other serves simple traditional, regional meals. The traditional cuisine of the region is quite greasy and not very healthy, so beware of that.. Think Schnitzels, Apfelstrudel and Currywurst. The meals were really affordable though and the three of us had lunch including drinks for € 23.

The pictures below were taken during an unexpected moment of peace at the walking bridge

The perfect added bonus while we visited Burg Eltz was that we visited in sunflower season! While driving to the castle from the highway we bumped into several sunflower fields. It was really easy to park your car and take some pictures of the fields, which I absolutely loved!

Keep on smiling even though the wind almost blew me away


    1. Hi, sorry for my late reply. They were between Moselkern and Wierschem, on the road to Burg Eltz. However, I cannot promise you they are there each year as the location can change.

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