APRIL 2024

I visited Cefalù as part of a little Sicilian road trip that I did in September. We started our road trip in Taormina, which was such a good location that is was hard to beat, but I have to say I fell in love with Cefalù as well. We only stayed in Cefalù for one night and I can spoil you: it is not enough. Cefalù still is quite affordable, which is a huge plus for visiting. It should definitely be part of your Sicilian itinerary as the combination of a charming town and a divine sea are just wonderful!

Where to stay

We stayed in YEASY Smart Rooms, which is located just a bit outside of the historical city center of Cefalù. We rented studios which were incredibly spacious and perfect for our family of four. Your car can be parked nearby at the train station for a sensible price. Our room was € 135 per night and included a breakfast which you could have at the breakfast bar of a nearby hotel; a fun way to start your day. Cefalù is mostly flat so you can easily wander around, even with a stroller it was perfectly fine. Cefalù definitely is more affordable than Taormina, so expect better hotel deals. Some of the hotels do look a bit run down, but we loved our stay in YEASY Smart Rooms as it was very modern and clean. If you book in time, you can definitely find a good option to stay.

Things to do

Beach: There is one big main beach in Cefalù, but I would advise to visit the smaller beach near the old town: Spiaggia del Porto Vecchio. You can rent a beach chair or stay there for free. On this beach you are right next to the historic buildings of Cefalù and by swimming you can overlook the Porta Pescara and the Rock of Cefalù. I found this by far the most scenic location and it is a must visit. We visited in September and the water sufficiently warmed during summer and it was divine for swimming! We hoped to rent a water bicycle, but couldn’t find anyone who wanted to rent it to us 🙁

Main beach of Cefalù
Spiaggia del Porto Vecchio

Flower pots: There are some really pretty streets which are lined with mosaic flower pots, I found it a particular lovely view. There are some of these streets scattered throughout Cefalù, but you will find the main ones as a side street of the Corso Ruggero, which is the main shopping street. The Corso Ruggero is also the street with the cutest decorations. I didn’t find the decorations as abundant as in Taormina, but Corso Ruggero has several spots with mosaics, potted plants, masks etc.

Duomo: The main cathedral is located in a gorgeous square, that made me feel like I arrived to South America. They sell amazing ice cream in this square, definitely take some time to have an ice cream and do some people watching.

Rocca di Cefalù: The enormous rock of Cefalù is visible from many angles in town. You can partly climb it to get to the viewpoint which overlooks all of the historic town and sea. Don’t forget your hiking shoes if you want to do this activity!

Food: Sicilian food is amazing so you will be spoilt for choice for good restaurants. We had a delicious dinner at Bastione & Costanza, the ceviche was so good that I ordered it twice in one evening. It has a great selection of wines as well and a atmospheric courtyard. If you are looking for a cute street with Al Fresco dining I would recommend Badia – Bistrot. We had lunch at the boulevard of Cefalù, at Bottega Tivitti, which was charming, affordable and had good portions.

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