APRIL 2023

It’s very well possible you have never heard of Landshut. And if you love colorful towns as much as I do, it is a true shame. Landshut is such a pretty town it sometimes hurts the eyes. You will find picture perfect pastel colored building after the other one, a true sight for a color lover. As Landshut isn’t known to foreign tourists, you will not find it on many blogs, but with this blog I want to give Landshut the notoriety it deserves.

Landshut pastel houses

Practical information

Landshut is located in Bavaria, about 45 minutes of driving from Munich. It once was the capital of Bavaria, so that is where its grandeur comes from. I found the Altstadt of Landshut so perfectly maintained and clean, that at times I wondered if it was fake. However, Landshut apparently escaped the war relatively unscathed and the Gothic buildings and churches are historic. Landshut now is a very vibrant city, with a large supply of shops and restaurants (modern and classic ones`). If you decide to venture off the main shopping streets, you will find original art and design stores. You can find affordable parking spots in the parking lots near the city center, if you just follow the P-route, you will be able to park close to the Altstadt.

Pictures of Landshut

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