When visiting Isle of Skye in Scotland, doing the hike to the Old man of Storr is a must. I had been excited for days, knowing we were going to do this hike, and luckily I wasn’t disappointed at all. It is a hike that is doable with a toddler in a baby carrier, as the hike isn’t too long. The beautiful views along the way will help you focus on why you are doing this, so you won’t feel your back hurt so much…

Practical information

The hike to the Old man of Storr is one of the most popular hikes on Isle of Skye. If you want to do this on a clear day, I’d recommend to start your hike right after breakfast to find sufficient parking. We were able to park our campervan on the layby next to the main road. Next to the carpark you will find toilets. Make sure to bring enough food as you cannot buy it at the hike and you cannot replenish water during your hike. The hike is classified as a medium hike and can be completed within 2 hours. When you near the old man, you can take a little detour, so you don’t have to do the exact same route up and down.

Isle of Skye Old man of storr hike
We got pretty exited by these views driving to the start of the hike! You can see the pinnacle on the right, which is the old man

Our experience

I am not a trained hiker and must admit I got pretty sweaty during this hike. We were lucky to do the hike on a sunny day and it starts relatively steep, so I had to catch my breath every now and then. You are rewarded with gorgeous views along the way and you can see the old man rising up pretty quickly, so I never felt like I didn’t want to continue. Hugo was sleeping in Hielke’s backpack most of the time, but did like to get out half way to play with all the rocks. We also ran into many sheep, which was a nice distraction for him as well 🙂

The hike is a medium difficulty hike, but we did encounter quite a lot of complaining people who underestimated the steepness. Some parts of the terrain are pretty rocky, so I’d recommend wearing hiking shoes (especially after rain). I really enjoyed this dike and luckily you are rewarded with views pretty quickly. I must admit that the old man pinnacle is more impressive if you are farther away than close by. Even though you don’t see it in my pictures, it is quite a busy hike. We weren’t bothered by this at all, there are plenty of spots to stop to enjoy for yourself. It is a relatively easily accessible hike, so you have to expect to share the trail with others. I didn’t think it took anything away from the outstanding natural beauty of this area!

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