One of the reasons that I wanted to visit Isle of Skye was to see the landscapes of Fairy Glen. Fairy Glen consists of very unusual hills, landscapes and greens. However, when we were visiting I was surprised by some aspects… In this blog you can find all my practical tips for visiting this fairytale like place… and also the part I was really disappointed by.

Practical information

Fairy Glen is located on Isle of Skye, in the North of Scotland. Uig is the village that is located closest. There is a little parking lot next to Fairy Glen, from this car park you only need to walk a short route to the green hills. We decided to visit right after breakfast and we were one of the first ones in the car park. Apparently, it can get really busy in the afternoon. From some villages you can find public transport to Fairy Glen, but it is easiest by car. Parking is paid, but Fairy Glen is free to enter. In under two hours you can explore the whole area. I would recommend to bring hiking shoes or wellies, when you visit after rain.

Fairy Glen

There is no particular fairytale that is related to Fairy Glen, it is simply called that because of its fairytale like surroundings. Fairy Glen has been shaped over time, by having nature run its course. The most famous pictures of Fairy Glen feature stones that are laid out in a circle, a very mysterious sight. I could not hide my disappointment when I discovered what these circles really looked like. Apparently the photographers of these pictures were quite creative with angles and scale… The circle is in fact very little and we almost passed it without noticing. In my pictures you can see how small it is compared to Hielke. That does not mean that Fairy Glen is not worth visiting… It is one of the strangest and greenest landscapes I have ever seen. The shapes of the hills are very special and it was so much fun to climb on them and to enjoy how far you could see. Fairy Glen also has a rock that looks a bit like a ruin: Castle Ewen, that dooms over its lush surroundings. In the morning it was really enjoyable to visit as it wasn’t crowded at all. The sheep were roaming around adding a nice vibe. I highly recommend adding Fairy Glen to your Scotland itinerary!

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