This is only a short blog post but I wouldn’t want to keep this location from you. Years ago, a friend of mine recommended me that I should visit the Terracottastreet (Regenboogbuurt) in Almere as this street is lined with lush cherry blossoms. The cherry trees line a bicycle path and a grasway, so you can enjoy the street walking or cycling. The street consists of 850 blossoms, which is a spectacular sight! I am always hunting the best blossoms and I can honestly say these blossoms made the top of my list! Over the past years I visited the blossoms in the first weekend of April, but in 2024 they were super early and reached peak bloom on March 16.

Practical information

It is very easy to find parking as you can park for free in the Regenboogbuurt/Terracottastraat itself. Over the years the cherry blossoms have become more popular, I would recommend to visit on a weekday if you can. On sunny weekend days it can get pretty popular, but it still does not attract the crowds of the Cherry blossom park in Amsterdam. The blossoms are located in a residential area and you should be able to find a parking spot. If you live nearby I would recommend getting on your bike and take the cycle lane underneath the trees, I am sure this will give you an instant happy feeling. Cherry blossoms usually bloom between half March – half April, depending on the amount of sunshine they receive when the winter has passed. With a quick search on Instagram you can easily find if the blossoms have peaked yet.

In this blogpost I accumulated my favorite pictures of over the years (2021 until 2024).

Amsterdam’s cherry blossoms

The cherry blossom park in the Amsterdamse Bos rivals these blossoms. I am a big fan of the cherry blossom park, but I have to admit I preferred Almere’s Terracottastreet because of the way the street is structured. I loved the long lane of cherry blossoms and I found it easier to photograph than the Amsterdam cherry blossom park. If you are interested in the cherry blossom park in Amsterdam you can check out my blog here.

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