On our way to Prague we stopped in Hann. Münden. I follow some German photographers on Instagram and had seen incredible photos of this traditional fachwerk town. Hann. Münden has 700 half-timbered houses, a very large concentration, so I had to see this with my own eyes. I found Hann. Münden such a hidden gem, it’s historical buildings were beautifully preserved, yet it didn’t feel like an open-air museum and actually was a lively town. In this blogpost I will show you my pictures, so you can see why you should visit.

Practical information

Hann. Münden is short for Hannoversch Münden, however this does not mean it is close to Hannover. Instead, it is located in Niedersachsen, close to Bundesregion Hessen. Kassel is the larger town in this area. The 700 half-timbered houses are the most popular tourist attraction, but you will also find a beautiful Renaissance style town hall in the city center. Parking can easily be done in the parking spots that you will find at the edge of the city center. We parked in the parking lot opposite the Werrabrücke (Parkplatz Blume).

The Werrabrücke that leads you into town

Hann. Münden

What I particularly loved about Hann. Münden is that it is a very well maintained historical town, yet it also feels lively. In November I visited a similar town called Bacharach, which had beautiful half-timbered houses, but there was nobody on the streets and all restaurants were closed on a Friday afternoon. In Hann. Münden most restaurants were open for lunch on boxing day, most of them close on wednesdays. You can see people actually live in Hann. Münden and that it is not just a village visited by tourists. This does come with cars parked in the streets, but you can’t have it all! We visited right after Christmas, so you could still see some remains of the Christmas market, which seemed lovely.

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