Who didn’t watch the Town musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadsmuzikanten) when growing up? I did, so that is probably why my eye caught Bremen while looking at google maps, when searching for new destinations for a weekend trip. If you are looking for an original city trip in a charming city, this is the guide for you. We fell in love with the combination of a very relaxed city, which was very lively as well. In this blogpost you will read all my recommendations.

Bremen schnoor colorful houses

Practical information

Bremen is located in the northwest of Germany. Bremen is a Hanseatic city (Hanzestad), which is a historic trade alliance between cities in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. So it’s probably not a coincidence that the architecture of Bremen reminded me of the architecture of other Hanseatic cities, such as Deventer and Antwerp.

Where we stayed

We stayed in Moxy Bremen, which is located a 15 minute walk out of the city center of Bremen. We chose this hotel because the Moxy is quite kid friendly (the quirky design is a lot of fun for kids) and because the hotel features a hotel restaurant and bar. The Moxy has an integrated lounge, bar, co-working space and restaurant. Because it is a multifunctional space, there are always people hanging at the hotel, which makes this a lively hotel. The restaurant features simple bar meals such as pizza and some pasta bowls and they have a full bar. We liked having our cocktails in the bar while Hugo was sleeping in the room.

Things to do in Bremen

Schnoor: I will start my recommendations with Schnoor, the most famous district in Bremen and with good reason. Schnoor is the cutest area of Bremen, it combines traditional fachwerk buildings with colorful houses. If you are looking for a nice gift, this is the place to be as it features many original shops. During summertime Schnoor is bursting with terraces offering al fresco dining. We visited in autumn on a sunny day, some terraces were open even then, offering a good vibe. If you visit before 11AM it doesn’t get too crowded.

Market square: You will find Bremen’s market square next to the town hall (Rathaus). When we were visiting there was a fair going on, so I wasn’t able to take the best pictures of the buildings. This part really reminded me of Antwerp, to give you an idea of how pretty it was.

Böttcherstrasse: It is only 100 meters long, but it is one of the most beautiful streets of Bremen. You can also listen to a Glockenspiel, that plays songs every few hours (depending on the season).

Weserpromenade: The promenade next to the river the Weser is worth a visit, you will find some impressive ships laying here. You can even have dinner at the pancake ship 😉 On the weekend you will also find a little vintage market at the promenade. Right next to the Weserpromenade you can find the Schlachte, which is one of the best spots to have a beer in a terrace.

Domshof: We liked Domshof, another square close to the Market square. When we were visiting a little Christmas market was going on, so of course we had to go for mulled wine! You will also find the Bremer Stadsmuzikanten statue over here, if you touch the legs of the donkey it will give you good luck. Loved the little queue in front of the statue, they were my youth heroes as well 😉 Just around the corner of the Domshof you will find the flower market!

Wallanlagen: Wallanlagen is a beautiful park which hugs Bremen on the east side. I always love to visit parks in autumn, because of the beautiful colors and this one did not disappoint. The park also features a windmill, in spring time the lawn in front of the mill is covered in tulips!

Markthalle & Manufactum: These two are located next to each other, so why not visit both? We had lunch at the Markthalle, which had great choice and prices. It was very lively on Saturday afternoon! When in Germany we always try to visit the department store Manufactum, because they only sell good quality items (homeware, toys, clothes, food etc). The Manufactum building in Bremen was particularly lovely as the ceiling consisted of stained glass.

St. Petri Dom & Bibelgarten: To be honest I didn’t love the St. Petri Dom (church) from the inside… the entrance was really nice and it had some good elements, but I didn’t love it. However the Bibelgarten which is located at the exit of the Dom was super lovely during autumn.

Christmas store: In Schnoor you will find the cutest Christmas store: Weihnachtsträume. It is a beautiful historical building, featuring many, many Christmas decorations. It’s definitely more affordable than the famous Käthe Wohlfahrt, so I scored a few items

Erdbeerhof Nüstedt

A 20 minute drive from Bremen you will find Erdbeerhof Nüstedt, which is like a strawberry farm and farm shop. During autumn time they also sell pumpkins, which they display super beautifully! Of course I had to take some pictures with the pumpkins!

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