APRIL 2022

The Netherlands is famous for its colorful tulip fields, but not everybody knows that you will find tulip fields in several regions of the Netherlands, and not just near Lisse. Last year, my friend who lives in Flevoland introduced me to the tulip fields in Flevoland: enormous fields with gigantic wind turbines in the background. I personally found this combination so spectacular, that I knew I would be back for the Tulip Route in Flevoland. You can do the Tulip Route by car and by bike, let me tell you about our experience!

Practical information

Several tulip farmers participate in the Tulip Route in Flevoland. On the route you will find tulip fields that you are allowed to enter, tulip fields that are forbidden to enter (which will be indicated with signs) and some restaurant options and picking gardens. These locations are all near to each other, so you will be guaranteed lots of tulips fields over a small amount of time. Some participants have decorated the tulip fields with fun items, such as a vintage car, creating a cool photo opportunity. There are three routes that you can drive by car: Dronten, Lelystad and Zeewolde. If you want to drive these routes you need to buy a ticket of € 5, with which you support the organization. The cycling routes are in Dronten, Lelystad and Swifterband. The routes differ in kilometers, so you can pick the length that suites you best. You can download the cycling maps for free on the website. The Tulip Route is from April 16 until May 7. We visited on April 22 and found most fields in bloom (75%). Make sure to check the official website to discover the actual percentage of bloom. While you are in the area, you can also visit the Floriade, the international horticulture exhibition. The Floriade focuses on green, sustainable energy and also features many flowers.

Our experience

I was very optimistic to cycle a part of the Tulip Route near Lelystad, as I discovered some fields close to each other and it was a lovely, sunny day. However, I did not expect the wind to be that strong and had a difficult time cycling with a kid and a basket on an old bike. If you want to cycle the Tulip Route, you must have proper gear as the wind can be incredibly strong in the polders. The tulip fields however, were great! They are much bigger than in the densely populated area of Lisse and Voorhout and the wind turbines provide a great background. Your shots will also be more clean than in Lisse, as there are no large sheds blocking your view. I highly recommend checking out the tulip fields in this area, but maybe I would recommend doing it by car if you are visiting with kids. Or take an electric bike! You will find several picking gardens along the way, which I loved for picking fresh tulips, letting Hugo play for a bit and take some cool pictures. If you don’t know the concept of a picking garden, check out this blog. Concluding, we were super happy that our friend from Almere invited us again to the Tulip Route and we would go again next year!

Despite the strong winds, we were able to fly the drone for a little bit. The colors of the fields are so spectacular, it is the perfect spot for droning.

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