MARCH 2022, UPDATED 2024

One of the best things about living in the Netherlands is being so close to the tulip fields. I am not exaggerating, this is how I really feel. The tulip fields were a great distraction during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. We learnt that the government can control a lot, but they cannot keep me out of the tulip fields. In this blogpost I will share my recommendations for the best locations to visit the tulip fields, with the advantages and disadvantages of each location. I discovered that many farmers don’t mind you entering the fields, as long as you are being respectful. If they don’t want you to enter the fields, they usually indicate that with a sign or fence. All pictures in this blogpost were taken with utmost respect for the flowers and farmers.


This is the undisputed number one on my list with the best spots for tulip fields. Goeree-Overflakkee is often overlooked as a travel destination in the Netherlands, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy these fields relatively alone. Another great benefit of Goeree is that the tulip fields are absolutely massive, as not many houses and factories are built here. Some tulip fields are located near windmill parks, giving you the perfect backdrop for your pictures. You will find the tulip fields in Goeree between Middelharnis and Oude-Tonge.


In Lisse the fields are not as big as in Goeree, but you will find fields everywhere you look. You just have to turn a corner and you will see another field. Lisse (and nearby Voorhout) is the tulip capital of the Netherlands and you can find all sorts and colors here. The downside is that the factories of the tulip farmers are usually located next to the fields, making it a less idyllic location than Goeree. A great pro of Lisse is that the season starts very early here, as many farms have other bulbs as well. With a bit of luck the flower season already starts in March, when you can see the hyacinths and daffodils. Dahlia season is usually around August-September, which is also a good time to return to Lisse.


Flevoland is an upcoming popular tulip area. Just like in Goeree the fields here are massive (but so are the factories) and some of them have a backdrop with windmills for the quintessential Dutch picture. Flevoland yearly organises a Tulip Route, which for 2023 will take place from April 15 – May 7. Make sure to visit the official website for more information, dates may change depending on the timing of the blooms.

Kop van Noord-Holland/West-Friesland

In 2024 I finally managed to visit the Kop van Noord-Holland and West-Friesland which are the tulip areas above Amsterdam. I had seen pictures of old windmills with tulip fields and discovered that these were taken in this area. When we visited I discovered that it is actually quite hard to take pictures in a field with a windmill next to it, there definitely are some, but you have to be lucky to find one in bloom at the exact right angle. Still, we really adored this area and its’ cute villages. Another bonus of visiting this area is that it is home to the Poldertuin, which is the little sister of the Keukenhof, only it’s free and less popular. You can find my blogpost on the tulip fields here.

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