APRIL 2024

During our tulip trip in April in North-Holland we also visited the Poldertuin. From April to begin May you will find the tulips in bloom in this beautifully maintained show garden. The garden is open year-round, but during April-May it is exceptionally gorgeous with all the tulips, daffodils and muscari popping up. The best thing about this is that it is free and it doesn’t draw enormous amounts of visitors! We visited at 10AM and only encountered a few other flower admirers. Such a big difference from the Keukenhof, which is stunning as well, but so overcrowded.

Practical information

The Poldertuin is open yearly, but it is especially fairylike during tulip season, which is usually in April and the beginning of May. It is open from 8AM until 8PM and it is completely free. There are some parking spots in front of the garden, but you can also park for free in the village of Anna Paulowna. There is a toilet in the park, but if you want food you have to go to the village. The bulbs are a gift of the plant growers of the area, it really is a stunning display with over 250 types of tulips and 135 varieties of daffodils.

The entrance of the Poldertuin

In April Anna Paulowna has its flower days, where you can see flower mosaics throughout all villages. I personally really liked the flower days, they attract flower admirers and there were fun activities throughout the area, without being too busy.


We spent about 1 hour in the garden and I took way too many pictures, I will include a “small” display here.

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