In this blog post you will find my recommendations for the best flowers and blossoms in Eindhoven. Over the past years this guide has become quite extensive, as I spent a lot of time chasing blossoms instead of traveling due to a virus we all know… I hope that you enjoy my flower guide and that it inspires you to go on a flower adventure yourself. If you have flower recommendations I would love to hear them in the comments 🙂


The daffodils are usually the start of blossom season and I am very lucky to live close to the GGzE where you will find lots of daffodils. You will also find lots of daffodils planted near to busy roads, but I don’t find that ideal for taking pictures. However, GGzE is peaceful and quiet and an easy spot to take good pictures. This year the GGzE is doing new landscaping, so the flowers are a bit less abundant. Another great spot for daffodils is at the intersection of the Anthony Fokkerweg and the Boschdijk. You will also find great fields of daffodils at Strijp: in Strijp-S behind the Veemgebouw and at Groenewoudseweg.

Daffodils at the intersection indicated above


Magnolias are my favorite type of blossoms and luckily you will find them scattered all over Eindhoven. Two of my favorite magnolias can be found at the Boschdijk, opposite GGzE and near the intersection with the Barrierweg. For the magnolias you will mainly want to visit the oldest neighborhoods of Eindhoven because they are really big in these areas. Several boroughs are great for spotting magnolias and I recommend going on a walk in these boroughs when the magnolias are peaking: Villapark, the fancy boroughs near Stadswandelpark and the area surrounding the Evoluon. The park of Evoluon itself has enormous magnolias that are lined next to each other, a truly magnificent spot! I expect the magnolias to peak end of March – beginning of April of 2022.

Tobias Asserlaan

Cherry blossom

No, you don’t have to go to Almere or Amsterdam to find beautiful pink cherry blossoms, we also have them in Eindhoven. A very picturesque street with cherry blossoms is the Schellingstraat. This street is located in the Irisbuurt, which features many more photogenic cherry blossoms. If you are visiting the Irisbuurt it is only a short walk to the Witte Dorp, where the Sint Odastraat features a few enormous cherry blossoms. In Strijp at Groenwoudseweg you will find a little park with cherry blossoms. The terrain of the GGzE also houses a few beautiful cherry blossoms, but I found the spots where you can find them to be less photogenic. Cherry blossoms are in bloom right now (18-03-2022)!

Strijp – Groenwoudseweg

The latest spot I have discovered is the little park at the Europalaan where I found these cherries in April 2022.

Update march 2023: I discovered a cherry blossom park in the Vlinderbuurt in Tongelre. I think there actually are over 100 trees in this location! These bloomed at the end of March.

In 2023 I was finally able to take pictures with the cherry blossoms at Strijp. Opposite the Klokgebouw you will find a little park with massive cherry blossoms. The cherries were in full bloom in the weekend of April 2023.


To me Eindhoven has three famous spots for wisteria: at restaurant Usine, on the flats at Karel de Grotelaan and at Strijp-S at the bus-lane with steel constructions. At the last spot I haven’t taken great pictures yet, but it is a lovely spot nonetheless and the wisteria is incredibly big. Wisteria usually blooms at the beginning of May. Below you will find my pictures of the wisteria at restaurant Usine & Karel de Grotelaan.


Eindhoven has a few great spots for rhododendrons too. I am a bit biased but I again have to recommend the terrain of the GGzE. Near the Anthony Fokkerweg you will find gigantic walls with rhododendrons located next to a little lake in which you can capture reflections of the flowers. In the Philips de Jong park you will also find great spots with rhododendrons. The rhododendrons usually bloom at the end of May.


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